Exciting week for AM Industrial Group at Fabtech

PUBLISHED: 14 Nov 18

AM Industrial Group at Fabtech 2018
AM Industrial Group at Fabtech 2018

This past week at FabTech was exciting and productive! AM Industrial Group was happy to be a part of the big show!

We are looking forward to continuing a lot of the conversations started and work with so many of you seeking tube benders and tube end formers.

AM Industrial Group, LLC sells industrial machinery to customers around the globe. AM Industrial was founded in 1991 and specializes in tube benders, tube endformers, tube endfinishers, and all other types of tube machinery.

Our experienced staff and trained technicians specialize in tube benders, CNC tube benders, tube crimpers, tube end finishers, tube end formers and other types of tube working machinery. AM Industrial has more than 300 tube machines in stock!

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AM Industrial Group, LLC, USA
Tel: + 1 216 433 7171
Email: info@amindustrialmachinery.com
Web: www.amindustrialmachinery.com

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Exciting week for AM Industrial Group at Fabtech
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