New year - new boost to local economy!

PUBLISHED: 18 Jan 18

JPC have agreed that they would take over the EET 'bending cells' and keep jobs in Coventry
JPC have agreed that they would take over the EET 'bending cells' and keep jobs in Coventry

A Bromsgrove business has announced plans to save Coventry Jobs by taking over a pipe bending business and preventing the loss of employment.

The Joint Perforating Company, part of the UKF Stainless Holdings Group said it expects to save at least 12 of the existing workforce and has plans for further expansion - this boost to local industry is doubly welcome saving existing jobs in Coventry as it does.

Previous owners Eberspaecher (EET) had planned to move their automatic welding cells from Coventry to Cowley, Oxfordshire where they have warehouse facilities next door to their customer BMW, but were considering moving the tube bending operation to outside of the UK.

JPC were able to step into the breach being suppliers of tubular components to EET in the first place - EET then forming complete exhaust systems for BMW Mini - rather than see the loss of this manufacturing site, JPC agreed that they would take over the EET 'bending cells' and keep jobs in Coventry!

With 6 highly sophisticated bending machines rivalling any other firm in the country, JPC are proud to offer job security for at least the next 5 years producing and supplying a complete range of original equipment bend and manipulated BMW Mini exhaust pipes direct to EET's remaining facility in Cowley.

In addition to the benefits to Coventry, fellow businesses will see increased investment, not least the provision of greater security for Italian based company Marcegaglia who supply the unbent tubing material to commence the process.

Managing Director of UKF/JPC, Simon Greenhill said "This is a very exciting time for the company and local businesses! Being able to keep skilled manufacturing in the area was a real bonus for us when we agreed the take-over. We see it as a show of faith in local industry and both ours and the regionís growth plans. Our ongoing investment in the industry and expansion as a company is a great example of British Manufacturing at its best".

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