Looking for superior hygiene? Meet the highest requirements with Alfa Laval diaphragm valves

PUBLISHED: 23 Jun 16

Alfa Laval diaphragm valves
Alfa Laval diaphragm valves

Alfa Laval has a deep understanding of the hygienic industries' demand for reliability and equipment that support sustainable processes. Our broad range of diaphragm valves is designed to deliver the utmost reliability in sterile and aseptic applications. Here are a few examples:

Alfa Laval Unique DV-ST UltraPure
The Alfa Laval Unique DV-ST UltraPure is a compact, lightweight valve with a modular design, enabling a wide range of purpose-built configurations. The specified sulphur content is standard for all forged and block valves, safeguarding high quality weldings.

With a pneumatic actuator adjustment of the spring pressure is possible as well as utilization of a stroke limiter. For all handles, over-closure protection in manual operations ensures a defined closing pressure against the diaphragm. Both solutions are optimizing the safety of the sealing functions and prolong diaphragm lifetime.

Parts of the DV-ST range are the T- and Tank-outlet valves. They are available either as machined from block or forged and welded. Using these T-Valve configurations made from forged bodies enables you to cut material and operating costs. The reduction in weight (up to 62% vs. conventional block solutions) also reduces stress on the piping. Furthermore, it reduces sterilization time, while cutting energy costs and system downtime.

All-around performance with Alfa Laval DV-P UltraPure
The new innovative design of Alfa Laval Unique Diaphragm Valve Premium UltraPure (DV-P) provides more precise flow regulation and gives double the flow rate of conventional diaphragm valve designs at a given pressure drop.

The Alfa Laval DV-P minimizes total cost of ownership for diaphragm valves. It cuts energy costs because of double flow rate or lower pressure drop, enabling the use of smaller feed pumps, which require less electricity to operate. Installation costs are also lower than conventional diaphragm valves due to the use of smaller pumps, valves and piping. Further savings are achieved thanks to the extended lifetime of the diaphragm, which results in longer service intervals.

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