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Complete system for automatic cutting of round pipe or tubing

Continental's cut-off machine and PDS auto feed system
Continental's cut-off machine and PDS auto feed system

Continental has manufactured pipe and tube cutting machinery for a wide variety of industries since 1919. Specializing in the rotary cutting process, Continental produces its machines, blades and accessories in the U.S.

Continental machines are used in many industries for cutting and grooving pipe and tube, from automotive, lighting, and processing centers to farming, furniture, fencing, heating and refrigeration. Any manufacturing process that requires cutting round pipe or tube can use a Continental machine.

The company now offers a complete system for automatic cutting of round pipe or tubing. The Cut-Off Machine and the PDS Auto Feed can be purchased as one unit or the feeder can be retrofitted to an existing Continental Cut-Off Machine.

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Continental Pipe & Tube Cut Off Machines
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Complete system for automatic cutting of round pipe or tubing

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