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Complete line of pipe and coupling finishing equipment

PMC-Colinet, a Park-Ohio Company, designs, manufactures and provides support services for a complete line of pipe and coupling finishing equipment. Its machine designs are optimised for the production of oil country tubular goods, in accordance with worldwide industry standards; most notably those for API and premium connections. It also builds a full range of end-finishing machines for the commercial market such as gas/water pipe and conduit. PMC-Colinet offers both rotating product and rotating tooling technologies. Its applications group analyses the customer’s product mix and recommends the most appropriate technology. Due to the increasing production of premium connections, a combination of both technologies is often the best solution.

PMC-Colinet designs true, mill-duty equipment renowned for its durability and long life and offers state-of-the-art equipment for each step of the end-finishing process: pipe and coupling cut-off machines, bevelling machines, pipe and coupling threading machines, coupling starter and buck-on machines, short stroke or full length (mandrel type) drifters, protector applier machines and material handling tables.

Its latest generation of rotating tool, CNC, pipe threaders features, two independently controlled x axes that allow for greater flexibility in the creation of end geometries. The dual axis design also reduces durable tooling requirements.

These threading machines can be programmed to perform the facing and bevelling operations to eliminate the need for separate bevelling machines in the finishing line.

PMC-Colinet has recently developed a rotating product, coupling cut off and OD turn machine. It converts coupling stock into turned and cut-to-length blanks that can be fed into a manufacturing cell that contains rotating product or rotating tool coupling threading machines.

PMC-Colinet is a single source for equipment and for the durable and perishable tooling consumed during the production process. Its carbide and highspeed steel thread chasers produce thread configurations that comply with industry standards around the world.

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