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Tube bender with automatic tool changeover

The new, fully automated Silfax tube bending
machine for wide diameter pipes up to 127mm, with automated tool changeover
The new, fully automated Silfax tube bending machine for wide diameter pipes up to 127mm, with automated tool changeover

Machine manufacturer Silfax, France, has launched a fully electric CNC tube bender. The SE 9127 is designed for large diameter tubes and piping, and offers a variety of bending height options.

The system is controlled by Siemens control technology, making it suitable for fully automated bending of larger pipes under safe working conditions. The SE 9127 is also the first machine of its type to offer automated tool changeovers, and simplifies fully automated production with a mix of interfaces and cell integration.

The SE 9127 is equipped with nine electric CNC-controlled axes and is capable of bending pipes up to 127mm in diameter. Tool changing is fully automated and the system can be fitted with four top-of-therange tools for tensioning and gripping pipes with inflections or reduced holding areas.

�Although it�s more effort at first than a hydraulic system, we tension the pipes electrically,� explained Thomas Rohde, head of systems technology at Silfax, �but the results speak for themselves: bends are extremely accurate and can be reproduced time after time.�

The high tension and mandrel retraction force of more than 100kN make it possible to form thick-walled tubes safely, reliably wiping wrinkles. The Z axis is displaced to allow for automatic calibration of the bending height. The system automatically stores programmed bending options and tool data, which can be retrieved at the touch of a button. All processes are controlled by Siemens 840D software.

There is strong demand, particularly in the aerospace industry and in the automotive sector, to bend large diameter, thin-walled tubes safely and accurately. Other areas where every millimetre counts and pipe tolerances must be kept to an absolute minimum include truck exhaust systems and intermediate components used in hydroforming processes.

The new Silfax machine works along seven linear axes down to 0.05mm. During bending and forming it is accurate to 0.05�. To keep cycle times to a minimum, the SE 9127 offers feed rates of up to 30m/min. Bending and twisting can be carried out at up to 62rpm.

The SE 9127 incorporates interfaces for RS232, RS422, and ethernet, making it suitable for connecting to external systems. Integrating cells into bus networks is also easy. The system can be tailored to specific requirements, with options including wiper dies, an automatic mandrel device and machine bed extensions. Silfax is already planning the introduction of its next machine, for pipes up to 157mm in diameter.

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Tube bender with automatic tool changeover

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