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232 Lorne Avenue East
PO Box 23018
Ontario N5A 7V8
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+1 519 272 0921
+1 519 272 1996
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Company Summary: Specialty blades and cutting systems

Further Information:

At a time when production costs are soaring and industries are struggling to stay alive, an innovative company in Stratford, Ontario, Canada is finding a way to help companies compete and more importantly succeed. Led by its President, Jim Jantzi, New-Form Tools is providing ground-breaking ways to provide cost saving metal cutting solutions to the tube, pipe, and roll form industries.

New-Form Tools has developed specialty blades and cutting systems for high tensile and high strength materials including stainless steels and exotic metal tubing. The titanium coated specialty shear blades and jaws are impact resistant and wear resistant.

Call a representative today for a presentation of proven results that bring Cost Savings and Higher Productivity for your company today. New-Form Tools is your partner for success in productivity.

New-Form Tools Ltd is listed under these Product Codes:

» Flying Cut Off Shear Blades 960   » Flying Cut Off Shear Jaws 961   » Roll Forming Tools 995   » Rolls 857   » Turks Head 884  

Latest News from New-Form Tools Ltd:

Introducing advanced tungsten carbide tipped circular saw blades, for the most demanding cuts in the industry
New-Form Tools expands product offering
Your only choice in North America for the highest quality circular saw blades
Speciality metal cutting blades and systems
High quality tube cutting blades for high tensile materials
Tube cutting shear blades for high strength materials
High saw-cut quality with new CNC tube cutting systems

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