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» SME Industrial Co., Ltd., China (PR) :: Hose couplings and hose assemblies
» 2020 Software Solutions, Inc., USA :: Bend-Tech tube bending software
» 3M Northallerton, UK :: Corrosion protection, coatings
» 3R Software Solutions, Germany :: Software simulation of pipes
» AB Stainless Steel, India :: Stainless & carbon steel tubes, fittings, flanges
» Aban Air Cooler Co, Iran :: Air cooled heat exchangers
» Abbey/Fives Bronx Pipe Mill Solutions, USA :: Pipe mills, equipment and machinery
» Abesteel Corporation, China (PR) :: Stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy products
» ABITAM, Brazil :: Trade association, Brazil
» Able Industries Co Ltd, Thailand :: Steel pipes and fittings
» ABP Induction Systems GmbH, Germany :: Induction melting furnaces, induction heaters
» ACAT Mexicana SA de CV, Mexico :: Pipe bending machines
» Accuratus Ceramic Corporation, USA :: Ceramic tubes
» Aceromax S.A., Argentina :: Stainless steel pipes, fittings
» ACS Extrusion Group, USA :: Material handling, cutting machinery
» AD-AM Trade Co., Israel :: Tube bending and end forming
» Adaptive Motion, USA :: Tube bending control system
» Adda Fer Meccanica Srl, Italy :: Tube and pipe mill machinery
» Addison Machine Engineering Inc, USA :: Tube mill and roll tooling
» Adige SpA - BLM Group, Italy :: Tube laser cutting machines and cold saws
» Admiralty Industries Corp., USA :: Copper alloy tube, admiralty brass
» Agrisovgaz Ltd, Russia :: carbon steel tube and pipe
» Agro Engineers, India :: Couplings
» Agromash Tube Ltd, Ukraine :: Steel tubes
» Ahmedabad Moulds, India :: Rubber & PU Seals for Hydro Testing Machines

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