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Use this Website to Promote YOUR Company - Starting TODAY! is visited by tens of thousands of potential customers every week. Each one of these visitors is looking for suppliers or manufacturers of tube & pipe products, machinery or services. So why not use this website to promote the products or services YOUR company provides - starting TODAY!

Basic & Premium Registration (US$20 / US$100)

To simply add (register) your company to the website, you will need to choose either a Basic or Premium Registration. To do this, you will need to sign up on our main registration page here.

Banner Advertising (From US$350)

There are many locations on this site which you can display a banner advertisement. Please contact us for a quotation for a banner advertising campaign that suits you.

Contact: Mr Paul Hogg

Banner advertisements are located at the top of our website pages. Prices start from as little as US$350 for 6 months display.

Please note that all locations are subject to availability at time of booking.

You can send all the necessary graphic material to us via email. We can accept finished advertisement material in JPEG, GIF or Animated GIF formats. The size required is 728 px wide × 90px tall. If you wish, we can also create your advertisement for you at no extra charge in any of these formats. is supported by:

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